Weekend of 7 – 9 January 2022: what to do in Arezzo area

A new weekend of events in the Arezzo area for the long weekend that closes the magical holiday season.
The old town centre until Sunday is involved in “Arezzo Città del Natale” (Arezzo Christmas Town) and the museums and art centres host suggestive art and history exhibitions.
The weekend also offers other places to visit. In Anghiari the particular story of a “disappeared” painting, in Casentino the emotion of the wolf with Wolf Howling.

Arezzo Christmas Town: last days

Until Sunday 9 January it is possible to visit the event “Arezzo Città del Natale” (Arezzo Christmas Town) and discover one of the most beautiful historical centres in Italy dressed up for the holidays.
The event, with a remodelled programme in compliance with the Festive Decree 2021, allows visitors to admire light installations every evening that offer an unusual interpretation of the architecture, accompanying the visitor on a fascinating and spectacular open-air itinerary. In the large green area of the Prato, the high Ferris wheel offers a view of the city, with all the beauty of the urban landscape. The “Mercato delle Meraviglie” (Market of Wonders) is open until Sunday 9 January in the Prato area, full of typical gastronomic products and many curiosities, and the traditional markets set up in Piazza San Jacopo and Piazza Risorgimento.
Guided tours to discover the historical and artistic beauties of Arezzo continue, with tours for small groups and individual visitors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Arezzo Christmas Town, attractions and programme

Rastrelli. Art, theatres and actors at the time of the plague

On Sunday 9th January in Anghiari an afternoon of history and art to discover and get to know the story of an ancient painting, the “Maddalena” by Cristofano Allori. The work, considered to have disappeared until now, depicts one of the most famous actresses of the Commedia dell’Arte: Virginia Ramponi Andreini, wife of Giovanbattista Andreini, an important playwright who lived in Italy between the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century.
At 4.00 p.m. guided visit to Palazzo Pretorio, then at 5.30 p.m. at the Theatre of Anghiari projection of the documentary film “Rastrelli. Arte, teatri e attori al tempo della peste” (Art, theatre and actors at the time of the plague), a story that has never been told, showing drawings and scenes never seen before, real works of art in front of which companies of travelling comedians performed and told the story of the marvellous painting forgotten in a room “de le Comedie” for almost 400 years.

Rastrelli. Arte, teatri e attori al tempo della peste – programme

Visiting exhibitions and museums

The weekend coming up allows you to visit exhibitions and museums that make this territory precious.
The Centro Italiano della Fotografia d’Autore in Bibbiena is hosting “Portfolio Italia 2021” until 26 February, with an exhibition of the works of the finalists of the 18th edition of the Portfolio Italia – Gran Premio Fujifilm competition.
The Galleria Comunale di Arte Contemporanea in Arezzo until 27 March hosts the exhibition “Il Colore del Caso” dedicated to the works of photographer George Tatge, a collection of photographs resulting from the Turkish-born artist’s wanderings around Italy.
In Arezzo Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi hosts the exhibition “Bruno Galoppi e il design orafo tra gli anni Cinquanta e Settanta ad Arezzo” (Bruno Galoppi and goldsmith design between the 1950s and the 1970s in Arezzo), which aims to raise awareness of Arezzo goldsmith design as a manifestation of human ingenuity, creativity and customs.
The MAEC in Cortona hosts an exhibition dedicated to the work of Gino Severini, one of the main exponents of the Futurism movement.
In Loro Ciuffenna at the Museo Comunale (Municipal Museum) the exhibition “La commedia di Venturino” (Venturino’s Comedy) runs until 6th February with a selection of large papers, made using the oil impression technique, which the artist dedicated to the Divine Comedy.
Venturino Venturi’s contemporary work is the protagonist in Montevarchi at the Cassero per la Scultura museum, where “Et ecce stella – Presepi d’artista. Venturino Venturi”, a tribute to the ancient tradition of nativity scenes through the works of the Valdarno artist.
In San Giovanni Valdarno, the XVIII Rassegna di Presepi at the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie closes its doors on Sunday 9 January. The title of this year’s exhibition is “Il cielo in una stalla” (“Heaven in a stable”): on display are cribs with references to Christmas discography.
For more information see Discover Arezzo

“Frida Kahlo’: closing exhibition

The photographic exhibition “Frida Kahlo. A life in pictures” at the Civic Museum of Sansepolcro. The temporary exhibition brings together about one hundred shots, most of them original, which give a portrait of the Mexican artist. The exhibition reconstructs the events of the artist’s countercurrent life, in search of the motivations that transformed her into an international female and pop icon, but also that of an extraordinary woman who managed to fully and proudly exercise her own personality, constantly rejecting conformism and transforming suffering into beauty. Also on display are a group of small, very intimate photographs of Frida, taken in polaroid format by gallery owner Julien Levy.
“Frida Kahlo, Una vita per immagini”: the exhibition

Wolf Howling 2022. The wolf and his stories

The appointments dedicated to the wolf are back with Wolf Howling, an exciting experience to be lived in the Casentino Forests National Park.
Wolf Howling is one of the wolf census techniques that makes it possible to identify the presence of this animal by exploiting its natural tendency to howl. Pre-recorded howls are emitted in nature to induce a response from wolves, thus making it possible to determine presence, estimate the number of individuals and verify reproduction through the response of pups.
In recent years the Casentino Forests National Park Authority has decided to regulate the carrying out of this monitoring activity in order not to cause excessive disturbance to this particularly protected species, allowing some guides to accompany groups in pre-established periods and for a limited number of sessions.
On Saturday 8th January, departing at 16.00 from Badia Prataglia (Poppi), a guide will accompany a maximum of 20 people to the assigned points, where they will be able to enjoy the wonderful experience of hearing wolves howling in the dark of night.
Booking required.
Wolf Howling 2022 – THE WOLF and its stories