Weekend of 25 – 27 February 2022: what to do in the Arezzo area

A weekend that closes February with many events scheduled to experience and visit the territory of Arezzo. In the Valtiberina, a weekend of motor sports with the rally and in the Casentino, an open-air excursion to discover the history of Fronzola Castle.
Then events at the theatre with ballet, classical music and visits to museums and art centres that host suggestive temporary exhibitions.

Rally Terra Valle del Tevere, second edition

The second edition of the “Rally Terra Valle del Tevere” will be held in Valtiberina Toscana. On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th February more than one hundred crews will fight on the roads between Sansepolcro, Anghiari, Pieve Santo Stefano. The race, which is valid as the first round of the Italian Historic Earth Rally Championship and the European Rally Series Tour, includes seven special stages on dirt for a total of 230 kilometres.
Rally Terra Valle del Tevere – the programme

“Bayadere” at the Teatro Petrarca comes the ballet

Saturday 26 February at 9 p.m. at the Teatro Petrarca in Arezzo is staged “Bayadere” a show that sees on stage 11 dancers in a single act with music by Ludwing Minkus, choreography by Michele Di Stefano, for the production of the Compagnia Nuovo BallettO di ToscanA/International Music.
Bayadere is a performance steeped in exoticism. Traditionally its most famous scene, the Kingdom of Shadows, is on the borderline between the real and the afterlife, where the shadows that appear are as if frozen in their tragic condition and the movements they make are ritualistic.
Bayadere at the Teatro Petrarca – the programme

Pieve Classica presents “Journey of Love”.

Saturday 26 February at 9.15 p.m. Pieve Classica returns with the event “Tales & Music Project” at the Teatro Papini in Pieve Santo Stefano.
On stage a journey of love with a group of musicians led by the pianist Roberto Mercati for a real recital with reading and interpretation of both poetic and prose texts, accompanied by musical pieces that have as common theme the “feeling of love”.
Pieve Classica – programme and tickets

Exhibitions and museums to visit at the weekend

The weekend coming up allows you to visit exhibitions and museums that make this territory precious.
The Centro Italiano della Fotografia d’Autore in Bibbiena hosts until February 26th “Portfolio Italia 2021” the exhibition of the works of the twenty-two finalist portfolios of the 18th edition of the competition Portfolio Italia – Gran Premio Fujifilm.
In Anghiari, until 3rd May, “La civiltà delle armi e le Corti del Rinascimento” (The civilisation of arms and the Courts of the Renaissance), is the exhibition that highlights the relations between the city and the suburbs in the Renaissance and in particular focuses on the stories of Anghiarian men-at-arms.
“Buitoni. The city within the city” is the exhibition opened this weekend in Sansepolcro at the Casermarcheologica contemporary art centre, which tells the story of how one of the first industrial pasta factories in Italy determined the growth and development of this town in the Valtiberina for several decades. The Galleria Comunale di Arte Contemporanea in Arezzo is hosting until 27 March the exhibition “Il Colore del Caso” (The Colour of Chance) dedicated to the works of photographer George Tatge, a collection of photographs resulting from the Turkish-born artist’s wanderings around Italy.
In Arezzo, the Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi hosts the exhibition “Bruno Galoppi e il design orafo tra gli anni Cinquanta e Settanta ad Arezzo” (Bruno Galoppi and goldsmith design between the 1950s and 1970s in Arezzo), which aims to raise awareness of Arezzo goldsmith design as a manifestation of human ingenuity, creativity and customs.
Carlo Sacco, internationally renowned photojournalist, presents in San Giovanni Valdarno his exhibition “Il lavoro dell’uomo” (The work of man) at Palomar, the Casa della Cultura until 26 March 2022.
Staying in San Giovanni Valdarno, Casa Masaccio presents Chantal Akerman’s contemporary art exhibition “Stanze. Sul custodire e il perdere”, until 8 May.
For more information see Discover Arezzo

Discovery hike to Fronzola Castle

Fronzola was one of the many castles of the Conti Guidi in the Casentino and in the Middle Ages represented one of the centres of power in the area, until it was destroyed by the Florentine army in 1440. Since then the name of Fronzola has always remained in the memory of the area and on Sunday 27 February, starting at 9.30 a.m. from Bibbiena, there is an excursion entitled “Quando Fronzola fronzolava e… tutti tremavan” (“When Fronzola was fronzola and… everyone trembled”), an itinerary for young and old from the ancient Pieve di Buiano to the Castello di Fronzola on the heights above the right bank of the Arno. The route is about 7 kilometres long and passes through Buiano, Poggio Ginestrino, Fronzola and Podere Rio.
Return expected by 13:00. Booking required.
When Fronzola fringed – excursion programme