Weekend of 05 – 07 August 2022: what to do in the Arezzo area

Over the coming weekend, the city of Arezzo will celebrate its patron saint, San Donato. Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August will be two days of festivities, with religious celebrations and the customary fireworks display.
Over the weekend there will be the Antiques Fair and more Calici di Stelle (Goblets of Stars), Pievi Aperte (Open Parishes), Summer Carnival and for refreshment, aquatrekking in the Casentino torrents.

San Donato, patron saint of Arezzo

Arezzo celebrates the city’s patron saint, San Donato. Religious rituals and traditional events follow one another for two days, enhanced by the spectacular fireworks that festively light up the city sky.
The programme of the festivities includes Saturday 6 August at 20.45 the procession of the historical groups of the Giostra del Saracino and the representatives of the province of Arezzo with the parade towards the Cathedral, for the ceremony of the offering of candles to San Donato. The climax will be at 10.45 p.m. with the fireworks that will light up the sky above the city. On the evening of 6 August, the Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi will also be open with art, music and a toast on the terrace.
On Sunday 7 August, the patron saint’s celebrations offer an opportunity to get to know the history of Arezzo and appreciate important places of faith and art in the sign of the saint, such as the Cathedral, the Medici Fortress and the church of Santa Maria della Pieve.
The feast of the patron saint of Arezzo

Arezzo Antiques Fair

August appointment with the stalls of the Antiques Fair in the centre of Arezzo. During the days of Italy’s largest and oldest fair, the city exudes a special energy. On Saturday 6 and Sunday 7, shops and workshops showcase their best pieces and richly decorated stalls fill the streets of the centre, with Piazza Grande becoming the capital of antiques, modern antiques and vintage goods.
Around four hundred exhibitors present to the public, collectors and lovers of antiques a large number of objects that make up the history and identity of our civilisation, giving enthusiasts and professionals the pleasure of the trouvaille, that is, the discovery and search for a rare or curious piece.
Arezzo Antique Fair

Goblets of Stars under the tower

An appointment with wine and local products in the pretty village of Civitella Val di Chiana. At the foot of the majestic tower, traditional recipes and wines from local wineries presented by the sommeliers of the Arezzo Delegation of the Italian Sommelier Association will be available for tasting. From 10.00 pm, itinerant music with “ArchiMossi”. Reservations recommended.
Goblets Stars in Civitella

Open churches: Pieve a Sietina

In the territory of Capolona, a few kilometres from the centre of Arezzo at the entrance to the Casentino valley, there are many Pievi, small treasure chests to be discovered and rediscovered. To make it possible to get to know and visit these historical and cultural places, the initiative ‘Pievi Aperte. Sunday 7 August is the turn of Pieve a Sietina, a jewel immersed in the Arezzo countryside, shyly hidden in a lonely place. It will remain open from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon with visitors having the chance to admire the delicate 14th-century and Renaissance frescoes as well as the three naves.
Open churches in Capolona

The Historical Carnival in Bibbiena

A double date this weekend in Bibbiena with the Historical Carnival, one of the oldest in Italy, traditionally held in August.
The event includes two moments. On Saturday evening at 8.30 p.m., in the gardens of Piazza della Resistenza, the dinner show “Il Banchetto alla corte del Conte Tarlati” (The Banquet at the Court of Count Tarlati), a medieval dinner with dishes prepared together with the well-known gastrosopher Alex Revelli Sorini, with the aim of immersing participants in the flavours and spirit of the era, while maintaining the good taste of today.
On Sunday 7 August, from 9 p.m., the historical carnival returns to Piazza Tarlati with the historical parade in which the groups from Chiusi della Verna, Castelluccio, Figline Valdarno and Montevarchi will take part. The evening will see choreography and performances with flags and fireworks by the historical group of flag-wavers and musicians of the City of Cortona, who will alternate with the traditional challenge of the Carraccio between fondaccini and piazzolini.
The Historical Carnival in Bibbiena

Wild – Trekking in Casentino

Summer appointments with water and nature dedicated to adventure in the most fascinating torrents of the upper Arno basin, ideal to combat the high temperatures of this period. Sunday 7 August at 9.30 a.m. “Le Piscine delle Fate – Il tuo primo Acqua-Trekking” (The Fairies’ Pools – Your first Acqua-Trekking) starting from Cetica (Castel S. Niccolò), an aquatic itinerary in one of the torrents nestling in the gorges of Pratomagno. A short and not excessively demanding experience suitable for those who want to approach trekking in torrents in safety and fun.
Also on Sunday 7 August at 10.00 a.m., “Acqua-Trekking Fiana Paradiso Selvaggio” (Water-Trekking Fiana Wild Paradise), departing from Montemignaio, for a particularly demanding but extremely fascinating water itinerary up the Torrente Fiana among breathtaking waterfalls and natural pools, in an absolutely wild and constantly changing natural setting.
Reservation required.
Wild – Trekking in Casentino