The Romea Germanica Route – Arezzo Section


The Via Romea Germanica Road was first described by a traveling monk named Alberto di Stade in 1256. It was considered the most important route for medieval pilgrims who came from Northern Europe. Along the route today, there are cities of art, churches and monasteries that still bear witness to its history.

Since the Middle Ages, Arezzo has been at the crossroads of routes that led to Northern Europe, the Adriatic and to Rome because of its political and commercial influence. One of these routes is the Romea Germanica Route. The city of Arezzo is in fact an active and important member of the Association Via Romea Germanica in Italy. The section of the route that passes through Arezzo is called the Section 79 Subbiano-Capolona-Arezzo, which is about 20 km long.

If you want to walk the entire stretch of the route in Arezzo, it is about 130 km long and goes from Chiusi della Verna to Cortona. You can travel alone or by contacting one of the numerous associations of environmental guides that frequently organize hiking trips and excursions.

  • comfortable clothing
  • clothes that can get dirty
  • hicking shoes
  • sunglasses
  • polaroid for the perfect sunset shot
  • the explorer in you
  • for nature lovers
  • for history buffs
  • for those who are curious
  • for those who like to walk
  • for cycling enthusiasts
  • for those who love to discover new things
  • for those looking for an original experience
  • for families with small children to experience things at just the right pace
  • for those who can’t resist the charm of an ancient lanscape
  • for those who love visiting unusual and exclusive places
  • for lovers of little historic villages



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