The way of Mills in Casentino Valley


Take a journey through time, on foot or by mountain bike. You’ll be lulled by the sound of water as you discover the history of these traditional mills. Some of the mills are still used today to grind wheat, maize and chestnuts into flour. Take a plunge into the past, which is still alive today thanks to the skilled hands of the milling craftsmen who live on the river. These craftsmen know the value of doing things well while respecting the seasons and using the fruits of nature.

Discover a route with old water mills in the Casentino Valley

The grandeur of water and the giant stone guardians: the water mills. Take a walk in the Casentino Valley for an adventure that will guide you through the medieval peasant origins of this land.

A hike along the Route of the Mills in Casentino begins in the central place that preserves the memories related to water in this valley: the Didactic Center of Water in the municipality of Capolona. Inside the Center, there is the hydroelectric power plant  called “La Nussa.” From here, you’ll discover the stories of people who have lived in close contact with this element. The different points of your excursion give you a glimpse of the most evocative mills that are still being used in the Casentino Valley. The first is the “Molin di Bucchio” in Stia, a mill run by the Bucchi family for centuries.The next is the Grifoni Mill, named for the Grifoni family and located in the small village of Pagliericco in Castel San Niccolò. Then the “Morino” Mill in Raggiolo run by the Giorgini family and lastly the “Bonano” Mill in Salutio, Castel Focognano. Here you can meet the Bardelli Family and see the gigantic millstones at work grinding wheat into flour. 

This hike deserves to be done slowly as you tiptoe through this ancient peasant world and learn about its custodians of tradition and precious secrets.

  • For those who love nature and traditions
  • For those who like to stay outdoor
  • For young and old
  • For those looking for a genuine and unusual experience
  • For  MTB and hiking lovers
  • For those who want to immerse themselves in old Tuscan peasant traditions
  • For those who seek beauty in the little things of the past
  • For those who want to get away from the caos of the city
  • For those who want to try real Tuscan foods
  • For those who want to meet the inhabitants of his valley
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Backpack
  • Curiosity
  • Camera

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