The Magic of Christmas


Christmas and its lights. Let yourself be seduced by its colors, its melodies and the scents of cinnamon, clove and chocolate that fill the air and the heart with a sweet euphoria. Experience the magic of Christmas once again with the curiosity and wonder of children.

Our itinerary starts from Piazza della Libertà, dominated by the majestic Gothic Cathedral and the imposing tower of the City Hall, on whose facade you can enjoy the amazing show of the millenary history of Arezzo and its most illustrious figures, narrated through multicolored projections of great effect. 

Leaving the square, continue along the staircase of the Duomo, up to the park Giardini del Prato, where you will be welcomed by a majestic luminous plane tree that will introduce you to the Market of Wonders, a place of magic, music and light where fantasy is the real protagonist. Wooden houses smelling of sweets and goodies in an explosion of colours, breathtaking views from the top of the Ferris wheel, a beautiful sleigh on which to hover like Santa Claus, the brick village and fun light installations filling the heart with joy. To fully enjoy this wonderful experience, come on Saturday or Sunday afternoon and you will experience the thrill of being a child again, among light shows, waders, dancers and Christmas stories

Walk down through piazza Madonna del Conforto and along via dei Pileati – the initial part of Corso Italia – up to the public library cloister, where from 4th December to 2nd January, you can enjoy interesting exhibitions of local arts and crafts

Continue to the 13th-century tower of the Historical Archive, to admire the delicate multicolored projections and to remind you once again of the magic of this time of the year. 

A few steps from here you will find the mother of all Arezzo churches, the almost millennian Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta that will enchant you with its soft snowflakes and bright golden stars slowly falling from the sky. 

At the corner of Corso Italia with the Pieve di Santa Maria, turn left and proceed along Via di Seteria, to reach Piazza Grande, where the House of Santa Claus, the inebriating scent of sweet spiced wines and the handicrafts of the Christmas Tyrolean Market are the protagonists of an incredible theatre of projections able to amaze you. Stroll among the wooden houses, taste typical Tyrolean dishes and treat yourself a Tyrolean art object. Take your time and enjoy the wonder.  

Continue along Corso Italia up to via Cavour and turn right; reach piazza san Francesco and cross it, then turn left into via Guido Monaco and continue to the large piazza Guido Monaco. Here you can lose yourself among the little houses of the Mercatino delle opere dell’ingegno, where artists and artisans exhibit the fruit of their artistic flair and creativity. 

Leave the roundabout in direction of via Roma until the intersection with Corso Italia, turn right onto the main road to piazza san Jacopo and the contiguous piazza Risorgimento. Enjoy the traditional Christmas Market, among goodies, products of the gastronomy and local crafts. 

This itinerary will take you to the most magical and surprising places of the “City of Christmas”. You choose how to walk it: from piazza della Libertà towards piazza san Jacopo and Risorgimento, or from below towards the upper town. 

Let yourself be guided by your pace and what you like best. 

Enjoy the moment and be amazed. 

Christmas Lights

The Market of Wonders

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Piazza san Francesco

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

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