Strada delle Cave


Discover the spectacular Grand Canyon of Tuscany along the Strada delle Cave road. The unusual and breathtaking landscape of the Balze del Valdarno area is located in the heart of Tuscany, between Arezzo and Florence and it’s well worth exploring. This area is unique with its old yellow spires that explode out of the ground. This prehistoric site is something you won’t expect to see in Tuscany. 

There are many scenic ways to get to the Balze del Valdarno area, but the most characteristic road within the protected area of the Balze del Valdarno is the Strada delle Cave road. This road is a mix of routes, from paths to paved roads. It cuts through the Arezzo countryside of Terranuova Bracciolini from the Piantravigne crossroads to the small village of Penna. This 9-kilometer road gives you a chance to completely immerse yourself in this fairytale landscape and get off the beaten track. Along the way you’ll discover the Setteponti road with its charming villages like Persignano, Montemarciano and Montalto with its ancient Villa of the Poggitazzi

Winter, spring, summer or fall, you’ll love the Tuscan countryside that you see along the Strada delle Cave road as you drive past vineyards, farmhouses, olive groves and golden fields. It’s a relaxing, colorful route and it’s not well known to the general public. This route deserves to be taken slowly. Children will enjoy it too because it’s unspoiled and the perfect spot for admiring the views of the Balze area as the sun sets. 

All of the points along the Strada delle Cave road. Get ready to marvel at the beauty of nature. The route begins on the Strada delle Cave road. At the first crossroads, take the country road that leads toward the village of Piantravigne. When you get to the second crossroads, just past the parking lot of the Carabè ice cream shop, you’ll see the road that leads to the village of Persignano. A little further along, you’ll come to the spectacular natural amphitheater of yellow sandstone cliffs and on your right, you’ll see a concrete hut. This can be your reference point because it’s the beginning of the trail that leads to the old village of Poggitazzi. From this vantage point you can see the entire Valle delle Balze area. Continue along until you come to the Casolare tavern where you can take a break with some typical Tuscan food and drink and then continue along the route until you come to the “Trail of the Fratta.” This uphill trail climbs through the green areas and takes you into the secret and unspoiled forest area that leads to the small village of Montalto. As you move along the route, you’ll pass an old charcoal burner that is still in operation today and end up at the cliffs called the Buca delle Fate. This is considered the real Grand Canyon of Tuscany so take some time to soak up the gems of nature in front of you. As you get back on the road you’ll come to a crossroads for the village of Montemarciano, after about 100 meters. At this point, you will immediately begin to see the majestic stone walls of the new formations of bluffs. Before you head back home, walk along the last stretch of the Strada delle Cave road until you come to the trail that leads to the Sanctuary of Pernina, dedicated to the Madonna of the Cintola. 

This trek takes you to the heart of the Arezzo countryside. It’s a unique experience that allows you to become immersed in the powerful and extraordinary natural settings in Tuscany. It’s an exclusive journey, made just for real pioneers. 

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Clothes that can get dirty
  • Hiking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Polaroid for the perfect sunset shot
  • The explorer in you
  • For nature lovers
  • For  history buffs
  • For those who are curious
  • For those who love to walk
  • For MTB and hiking lovers
  • For those who love to discover new things
  • For those who love genuine experience
  • For families with small children to experience things at just the right pace
  • For those who love woods
  • For those who can’t resist the charm of a prehistoric landscape
  • For those who love unusual, exclusive places
  • For those who love breathtaking landscapes

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