Adventure Awaits at the Park of the Rognosi Mountains and the Valley of Sovara


In the heart of the Valtiberina area near Anghiari, there is a unique park full of the colors of its biodiversity. It doesn’t matter how you choose to get to this park with its lush areas and barren patches, be it by bicycle or on foot. You’ll find centuries-old junipers, heather, fragrant helichrysum and scented daphne, which only grows in this area of Tuscany. The iridescent landscape awaits you.

One thousand five hundred hectares of woods, rocky cliffs and streams create the biodiversity of the area with many rare species. The Park of the Rognosi Mountains and the Sovara Valley houses the Rognosi Mountains Nature Reserve with its uniquely-shaped mountain range full of colors. There are ophiolites, bright volcanic rocks with dark green colors, and huge scales that bring to mind snakeskins. 

Don’t be fooled by this lunar-looking landscape, the Rognosi Mountains Nature Reserve has many inhabitants, such as wild boar, deer, wolves, birds of prey and small rodents.

There is a labyrinth of pathways that you can follow at your own pace, speeding through on a mountain bike, placidly strolling on horseback or on foot, as far as your legs will take you. 

You can immerse yourself in nature all alone or with your whole family to discover copper quarries that date back to the Roman times. At the end of the day, take in the beautiful views as the sun sets over the Tiber Valley. 

There are guided tours of the Nature Factory, the Visitors Environmental Education Center within the Rignosi Mountains Nature Reserve that activate your senses, test your reflexes and open your mind.  

This is a journey through time and between land and water. You’ll discover the Tiber River and its tributaries, follow the footprints of the animals that live in the forest as you walk along the ancient seabed and discover the geological origins of the Rognosi Mountains. There are varied histories to learn about as you walk along the path to the Montauto Castle in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi, the ruins of the ancient quarries and the chestnut groves of the area.

Adventure Awaits at the Park of the Rognosi Mountains and the Valley of Sovara

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