The Via Romea Germanica in the Tuscany-Romagna section of Passo Serra


Step by step, you’ll discover this forgotten millenary road located in the heart of the forests that separate Tuscany from Romagna. You’ll walk on the same pavement as the Romans in ancient times.

It’s a journey through time and a journey back in history. There are no trains, planes or cars that pass you at full speed. On this road called the Via Romea Germanica, you can rediscover the slow rhythm of times gone by, when distances were only shortened by walking and by traveling on wooden carts. 

You’ll set off on this very ancient road that was the main road for travel from northern Europe toward Rome until the 19th century. This is one of the most spectacular stretches of the Appenine road. It’s a route of about 11 kilometers and is divided equally between a climb and a descent. It starts at about 518 meters at Gaulchiere and climbs to 1148 meters at Passo Serra before descending again to 760 meters at Corezzo

You’ll take in breathtaking views on the Romagna side, some lunar landscapes on the Tuscan side and the green oasis of Podere Nasseto. This is the only fertile land in the midst of so much stone that leads toward the oldest beech tree forest in Europe along the Apeninne ridge. This is a unique experience that will give you a new appreciation of time as you walk on the same road as the ancient Romans, with the sounds of nature and the forests all around you. This journey is best taken in the company of friends and family in order to have a genuine experience and discover uncontaminated nature and aspects of our ancient common history. 

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Clothes that can get dirty
  • Hicking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • A polaroid for the perfect sunset shot
  • The explorer in you
  • For those who love nature
  • For those who love history
  • For those who are curious
  • For those who love to walk in the woods
  • For  MTB and hiking lovers
  • For those who love to discover new things
  • For those who love genuine experiences
  • For families with small children to experience things just at the right pace
  • For those who love woods
  • For those who can’t resist the charm of an ancient country
  • For those who love vising unusual places
  • For those who love breathtaking landscapes
The Via Romea Germanica in the Tuscany-Romagna section of Passo Serra

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