The Bonifica Trail


Far away from traffic and at just the right slow pace, you can start walking or pedaling on this ancient trail that traverses Arezzo and Siena. This trail goes on for 60 kilometers and is surrounded by greenery. It’s far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city and you can admire the wonders of nature around you.

The Trail of the Bonifica or Reclamation is an old historic waterway in Tuscany that was created to transform the area agriculturally. The trail runs through the countryside between Arezzo and Chiusi, along the Maestro della Chiana Canal. 

Water, sun and earth come together along this path in the plains where everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you come on foot or by bike, if you are athletic or not. The simplicity of this trail will help you find the perfect balance between your breath and your time. 

For runners and cyclists alike, the starting point of the trail is San Leo. This is the first town in the outskirts of Arezzo and is the spot where the old Chiusa dei Monaci by Fossombroni area divides the waters of the Chiana before it enters the Arno river at Ponte Buriano bridge. The journey on the trail is a journey through nature as it takes you past bridges and farmhouses that give you a unique view of the Val di Chiana area. The various straight and curve profiles of the buildings around you seem to intersect perfectly and in harmony with the beautiful landscape. 

The real treat on this path is what awaits you when you get to the area that lies beyond the two towers called “Beccati Questo” e “Beccati Quest’Altro”. This part takes you to the beautiful Lake of Chiusi which is a WWF Oasis. This protected area is home to many species of animals and migratory birds. It is worth a stop and you can take a stroll under the willow and sycamore trees that line the small Lake of Chiusi, also known as the Lake of the Moon. Legend has it that this lake was where Nymphs of the Forest would go to look at themselves in the reflection of the lake’s waters during a full moon. The atmosphere of this magical and timeless place is perfect for sitting at the end of one of the long piers and taking in the silence of nature. 

As soon as you arrive in Chiusi, you can take the train back to Arezzo where you’ll arrive in about an hour. 

Pedal through these green areas that take you back in time, with the wind on your face and herons flying over the riverbanks. 

Warning: During the summer, some of the sections of the route have no shade so you are under the beating sun all day long. Remember to bring plenty of water bottles because the places to get refreshments are far from each other.

  • For cycling enthusiats
  • For vintage lovers
  • For experienced cyclists and beginners
  • For nature lovers
  • For history buffs
  • For explorers
  • For lovers of adventure
  • MTB
  • MTB clothing and shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Gps
  • Curiosity
  • Spirit of adventure

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