Bicycling in Casentino: Discovering the organic world


In the town of Bibbiena, you can immerse yourself in nature and discover how organic food is grown. A bicycle ride through the green hills of the Casentino area takes you through fields, near streams and water mills where you can still see ancient practices that produce the 100% organic piadina or flatbread.

Discovering the world of organic food

Everyone knows that organic foods are for good you, but who really knows how they are grown and where they come from? Many years ago, long before anyone heard anything about organic foods, people in Tuscany were using authentic ingredients and food was prepared with care. Foods were organic before anyone was even using the term. 

In the Casentino area, people still use the old practices that have contributed to an ecological balance for ages. These passionate producers and growers bring the production of ancient grains back to life everyday and, from the seed to the plate, they produce good healthy food.

In this increasingly hectic world, we don’t always pay attention to what we eat. Here you can slow things down and enjoy nature and the food that comes from it. 

Grab your E-bike and head towards the Casentino area to discover what organic really means: cultivated fields where select seeds from ancient grains have a short supply chain. They are planted, fertilized without chemicals, harvested and ground into flour right before your eyes. 

At every turn along your route, you’ll come across new scents and flavors that will enliven your senses and entice you to take things slowly. You’ll come to fully appreciate the secrets behind the production of foods that respect the basic principles of respect for nature and authenticity. 

On this full-day mountain-bike tour, you and your companions will get to know some out-of-the-way places. It’s a healthy way to experience the authenticity of the area while getting a good dose of stress-free physical activity. This group tour is feasible for children and anyone else who isn’t afraid of getting a little muddy as you pedal along!

This tour is not only about discovering art and the traditions of the land or about breathing in the clean Casentino air. On this tour, after going up and down hills, a tasty reward awaits you in the form of a 100% organic piadina or flatbread sandwich. The piadina is made from stone-ground wheat and the authentic taste is something you will remember and can take home with you so that you can re-discover the authentic taste of Tuscany whenever you want. 

  • E-bike clothing
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • A k-way for sudden rainfall
  • Backpack
  • Curiosity
  • A polaroid for the perfect shot
  • e-bike and helmet can be rented
  • For nature lovers
  • For those who love e-bikes (from experts to beginners)
  • For those looking for real Tuscan foods
  • For lovers
  • For families with small children to experience things just at the right pace
  • For Tuscan landscapes lovers
  • For those who are not afraid to get their hand dirty
  • For those who love to go in search of the perfect Instagram moment
  • If you are feeling adventurous
  • If you like to meet new friends

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