An ode to Arezzo. Travelling with Robert Whitworth


When cinematographic art encounters the charm of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, a poetic, exciting journey begins. This voyage takes you over the city and allows you to admire Arezzo from an exclusive point of view. An itinerary that acts as a tribute to the famous British photographer and filmmaker Robert Whitworth.

An Ode to Arezzo

The famous British photographer and filmmaker Robert Whitworth leads you on a unique journey in Arezzo between the present and the past. During this experience you’ll be completely enraptured by his tricks of speed, light, color and sounds as you discover unedited parts of Arezzo. On the wings of his creativity, you’ll find yourself flying high over medieval rooftops and towers, gliding along the elegant naves of the fascinating churches. The last stop is the bridge made famous by the most infamous of Leondardo Da Vinci’s paintings, the Mona Lisa. 

This visit to Arezzo, seen through Whitworth’s eyes, starts in the heart of the city, the elegant Piazza Grande square. This square is surrounded by medieval towers and some real “gems,” the magical “Palazzo di Fraternità” – with its beautiful facade where Gothic and Renaissance styles join together in harmony – and the monumental “Logge” designed by Giorgio Vasari. As you continue out of the square, you come to the Museum of Casa Bruschi. The large terrace of this museum offers a breathtaking view of the wonderful Romanesque facade of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. The flight continues quickly until it reaches the top of the highest hill of the city where the Cathedral of Saints Donald and Peter sits. In the cathedral, you can see the bright stained glass windows by Marcillat, the magnificent frescoes on the ceiling and the poignant Saint Mary Magdalene by Piero della Francesca. This great Renaissance master also painted the fresco series called the Legend of the True Cross in the nearby Basilica of Saint Francis

The journey finally takes you to “Ponte Buriano,” an ancient Romanesque bridge that was depicted in the background of Leonardo’s famous Monnalisa. 

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