The Five Most Instagramable Places of Arezzo

by Francesco Del Siena

Now it doesn’t surprise us anymore, in a digital era, as on holiday we are looking for the most suitable location to take an unforgettable photo and post it on Instagram.
We go in search of hidden corners and breathtaking locations, those which, when appearing in the Instagram feed of followers, generate immediate reactions and direct appreciation messages.
The purpose of a holiday is to cut ties with everyday life and live an alternative reality, even if for a short time. In truth, there is a second perspective: the sharing of one’s emotions and the idea of transmitting them through social media could also enrich the experience.
But how do we look for the right inspiration? Are we inspired by influencer profiles to find the right angle? Do you study your outfit and your better pose based on the angles you want to capture?
So let’s see what are the five most Instagramable places in Arezzo (but in general to share on social media).

Piazza Grande

In Piazza Grande you will meet the Middle-Ages with the Lappoli Tower and the Romanesque apse of Santa Maria della Pieve, the Fifteenth century with the Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici characterized by the Gothic facade and the Renaissance lunette and to dominate the square the Sixteenth century with the famous Loggie designed by the Aretinian architect Giorgio Vasari.

Piazza grande


The Cathedral of Arezzo  is the first building that strikes the attention when coming to Arezzo from any direction for its slender Gothic style, for its high bell tower and for the point where it is located.

It is divided into three large aisles. The stained glass windows by Guillame de Marcillat and the Magdalen by Piero della Francesca painted in 1465 stand out for their beauty.

The Vasarian Aqueduct

This extraordinary hydraulic work, although named after the great  Sixteenth century genius from Arezzo, was designed by the Florentine architect Raffaele Pagni and completed between 1602 and 1603, presumably taking into account the indications previously provided by Vasari.
To connect the aqueduct to the city and allow the water to flow always at the same level, in the hollow before the hill of San Donato, arches in series were built and recall the spectacular water infrastructure of Roman times.


Park Il Prato

Once you arrive at the highest point of the city, I recommend a short break in the bright green and tidy park Il Prato. It is just a short distance from the Cathedral  and the Pieve di Santa Maria. Inside you can admire the largest monument dedicated to Petrarca (who we remember being born in Arezzo in 1304), built in 1928. 

This is an imposing white marble work surrounded by greenery, behind it is the small climb that leads to the remains of the Medicean Fortress.

Piazza Guido Monaco

From one of the many buildings, located behind the Railway Station, in Piazza Guido Monaco you can admire one of the most characteristic views of Arezzo.
In the foreground we find the roundabout inside which there is a small green area and in the centre dominates the monument, dedicated to Guido Monaco placed here in 1882, while in the background you can see the many towers of the city.