The Antique Fair: a unique event

The Antique Fair of Arezzo is the oldest and most beautiful of Italy. From 1968 every first Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday, the antique fair fascinates onlookers and experts from all over the world in Piazza Grande and along the old town streets.

More than three-hundred exhibitors from the Peninsula with a great variety of objects which tell of our past and which reveal it to us. In a kaleidoscope of feelings, colors and eras.

A journey between extraordinary and extremely rare pieces of art, ancient books, printings, pieces of furniture, jewels, cloths and toys. But also coins, stamps, watches, musical and scientific instruments. Only unique pieces. Traces of stories and life in which we can plunge in search of a rare object and when finally found, we must let it enter our life and our home.

The Antique Fair of Arezzo is the paradise of antiquity collectors between antique and modern art, vintage and quality art crafts. A unique meeting in Italy.

A journey inside history and beauty, multiplied by the glimpse of Arezzo, by its squares, views and churches which spreads in the air a timeless atmosphere and glamour as a megaphone.

The antiquarian dealer Ivan Bruschi, father of the Antique Fair of Arezzo

The Antique Fair of Arezzo started on the 2nd of June 1968, on occasion of the Republic Day, thanks to the intuition and desire of the Aretinian antique dealer Ivan Bruschi

That 2nd of June of many years ago, Ivan Bruschi realized his biggest dream, unifying the passions which animated him for all his life: the art, the antiquity and his city. So, he gifted Arezzo with the Antique Fair, an extraordinary event for which it is famous in the world.

After the bombings of the Second World War, the highest part of the old city centre needed to be restored and rebuilt. Arezzo was mutilated, a bit emarginated but during the 50’s of the Twentieth century started to come back to its ancient splendor. 

Ivan Bruschi restored his family building, the Palace of the Capitano del Popolo which is located in front of the Parish Church of Arezzo, where nowadays is the house museum of Ivan Bruschi, a cultural gathering place and fair museum.

That restoration was not enough, he wanted to do more for his city. So, inspired by the world famous outdoor markets of Portobello in London and the Paris Flea Market, he created the Antique fair. A permanent conversation with the art historian Roberto Longhi, with whom he shared the passion for the art and the aesthetic, gave life to the exhibition which celebrates the ancient antique art from Arezzo.

The antiquarian dealer from Arezzo came out of the galleries to meet the world and he did it starting from Piazza Grande. The Square of his city, once theatre of the market, rose again to a new beauty. He summoned an Italian and International audience. Since that time, the Antique Fair of Arezzo is exhibited every month with its treasures.

The Antique Fair in Piazza Grande
The Antique Fair in Piazza Grande fascinates onlookers and experts from all over the world in Piazza Grande and along the old town streets.

The September Fair, the most beautiful of all the year

The September fair is an Antique fair unique for the charm of the atmosphere in which is done: the  Prato of Arezzo

Only in September, during the first Sunday and the previous Saturday, an authentic magic performs in Arezzo.

The Saracino Joust, an historical commemoration and a Medieval tournament, occurs in Piazza Grande and passes by the streets of the city centre immersing people from Arezzo and visitors in the buzzing Medieval heart. This big feast offers the opportunity to the Antique Fair to come back , once in a year, to the social  gathering and garden which the Medici built for themselves in Arezzo in the Sixteenth century: the park called the Prato.

In this green and charming lung which overlooks the city, between the Dome and the Fortress of Arezzo, the Antique Fair becomes the homeowner. In the Summer light, between the linden and maritime pine scent, in a perfect half circle the Antique Fair stalls follow one another as in a dance. And then follow the tree-line paths which border the Medicean Fortress.

A way to be discovered freely, between art and antiquary. Past stories which blend with the present in uniqueness and beauty.

Vintage advertising billboards
The Antique Fair in Arezzo is a really paradise for the collectors.

Beyond the Fair 

The Antique Fair of Arezzo, during the years, increased the charm and beauty of the Italian antiques, living life to events and meetings which gather vintage, photography and sport enthusiasts.

Every month of April, Foto Antiquaria, a trade show of old cameras and accessories, comes back in Piazza Grande, under the Loggia Vasari; it is a paradise for the old photography lovers.

In May, always in Piazza Grande and along the city centre streets, there is Dandy Days, a dandy National gathering. Always in May the historical rally called Mille Miglia with its racing cars, bringing us back to the Dolce Vita dream, loves to make a stop in Piazza Grande.

At the end of July the historic ancient cycle route called the Ardita dell’Alpe di Poti, a climb of 80 kms, starts and finishes in Piazza Grande, where there is a trade show called Bici in Fiera waiting for the sportsmen with cycles, cloth and all the charm of the antique.

The Antique Fair has been the place for those who love the treasure hunt from more than 50 years. A path of squares, streets, porches and alleys, a treasure hunt with more than 300 stalls where losing themselves and finding a rare object, the unique piece which could surprise and enchant. Walking between these stalls, in the fun and in the colors of the streets of Arezzo city centre, will be one surprise after another, will be as becoming kids again, a bit pirates, a bit gold hunters, always in a banquet of celebration.

Vintage barbershop at Antique Fair
During the Fair you may also meet a vintage barbershop.


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