Tenuta Montecchiesi

Tenuta Montecchiesi, owned by the Dal Cero family since 1980, has chosen to focus on the production of high quality red wines, inspired by prestigious Tuscan winemaking traditions. When the family recognised Cortona’s wine-growing potential, they introduced new vineyard varieties, going beyond the traditional Sangiovese and specialising in the cultivation of Syrah, a grape variety that proved particularly suited to this soil.
The area’s soil is mainly composed of clayey sands, marly sandstones and shales, and it tells the tale of the hydrogeological history of the Cortona area. The soils are not very calcareous. They offer an optimal balance of clay, silt and sand. The hilly geomorphology ensures constant ventilation, even during the hottest seasons, while the proximity to Lake Trasimeno makes the climate mild due to its mitigating effect.
On the estate, the “alberello” method of cultivation is practised, giving the vines full exposure to light and sun. The combination of this method with manual techniques and the absence of chemical additives promotes natural and spontaneous plant growth. The family philosophy is to combine traditional methods with contemporary know-how, experiences and quality, guaranteeing the integrity of the project.
In recent years, Tenuta Montecchiesi has expanded its specialisation by introducing unique rosés with labels such as Camelý, a Metodo Classico sparkling wine, Miralý, a fragrant rosé, and Versý in Rose, a Syrah reserve.

• Hectares of vineyards: 50
• Grapevines: Syrah, Sangiovese, Vermentino, Chardonnay

• Wine tastings
• Direct sales

Dal Cero Tenuta Montecchiesi

Localita’ Montecchio C.S., 403
tel. (+39) 0575 6549294
e-mail: info@dalcerofamily.it



A selection of products

Syrah Cortona DOC

Syrah Cortona DOC

Preziosa Terra
Toscana IGT

Toscana IGT

Vermentino Chardonnay
Toscana IGT

Toscana IGT

Versý in Rose
Toscana IGT

Brut Rosé Metodo Classico

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