Tenimenti d’Alessandro

Tenimenti d’Alessandro is located in Manzano, within the town of Cortona. The producer has been a Certified Organic Farmer since 2016. At the end of the 1980s, a period of intense experimentation began here, mainly focused on identifying grape varieties that could achieve the highest quality standards.
Right from the start, the exceptional vocation of this land for Syrah became apparent. This prized Rhône grape variety is perfectly adapted to warm, sunny and dry climates and to sedimentary deposits of Pliocene origin – such as clays, sands, and silts. On these lands it has found a way to express itself with its own distinctive and strong identity.
This journey reached a turning point in 1992, with the first “Bosco” vintage. It is a pure Syrah, which quickly became the flagship wine of the company, as it is loved in Italy and around the world as well. At the same time, the winemaker saw the adaptive potential and uniqueness of another Rhône variety, this time a it was a white grape: Viognier. Since 1990, this variety has gained more and more space in the vineyards.
The estate operates with organic methods and is meticulous, avoiding synthetic products and focusing on the health and balance of the plant. The total absence of compromise and meticulous craftsmanship also extend to the cellar. Here, efforts are concentrated on enhancing the local identity of the grape varieties, while maintaining a focus on drinkability.
Therefore, the guidelines that the winemaker follows aim to preserve the fruit and freshness in wines intended for everyday consumption, through the exclusive use of steel containers; and to emphasise the complexity and evolutionary capacity of the selections, through the adoption of techniques that evoke the wine-making tradition of the Northern Rhône Valley, such as the use of whole bunches, the practice of submerged cap and slow ageing in old wooden containers.

• Hectares of vineyards: 40
• Grapevines: Syrah, Sangiovese, Viognier
• Other products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Honey

• Wine tastings
• Direct sales
• Olive Oil
• Local products
• Accommodations
• Restaurant

Tenimenti d’Alessandro

Località Manzano, 15
tel. (+39) 0575 618667
email: info@tenimentidalessandro.it



A selection of products

Syrah Toscana IGT

Syrah Toscana IGT

Syrah Toscana IGT

Syrah Toscana IGT

Sangiovese Toscana IGT

Viognier Toscana IGT

Viognier Toscana IGT

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

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