I Vicini

Azienda Agricola I Vicini, located on the plains in front of Cortona and close to Lake Trasimeno, benefits from optimal climate and soil for the production of fine red berry wines. Planted in a lacustrine microclimate and silty-sandy soils, the vineyards are sun-kissed from east to west and immersed in the scents of centuries-old forests. They enjoy prolonged ripening, which is essential for developing distinctive primary aromas.
When practising sustainable cultivation, the use of green manure is important. It is a technique that enriches the soil by using cover crops such as legumes, brassicas and grasses, such as field beans, vetch, mustard, oats and barley, thereby conferring optimal nutrient absorption by the vines. The agronomic approach is focused on quality, limiting production to 70 quintals per hectare, and adopting ecological treatments with extracts of Abies Siberica, a fir tree renowned for its anti-fungal properties, which minimises the use of copper.
The Syrah and Merlot varieties that are cultivated are characterised by their bright red leaves in autumn, creating a unique scenery on the Tuscan hills. These varieties are classified as Syrah Noir and Merlot Noir by the French Ministry of Agriculture. They are prized for their limited production capacity and abundance of anthocyanins, natural pigments that provide colour to berries and leaves, and are known for their antioxidant and healthy properties.

• Hectares of vineyards: 14
• Grapevines: Syrah nero, Sangiovese Grosso, Merlot nero, Cabernet Sauvignon

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Azienda Agricola I Vicini

Case Sparse Pietraia, 38/A,
Cortona, Arezzo
Tel: (+39) 0575 678507
Mob (+39) 345/7677125
(+39)338 8629569
e-mail: info@ivicinicortona.it



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