Cincinelli Marco

The Cincinelli Marco farm is located within the Chianti region, in the hills above the town of Capolona. All of the producer’s land is located in the natural amphitheatre between the hamlets of Bibbiano, Botti and Cenina, at an altitude ranging from 200 to 350 metres above sea level.
Out of the entire surface area, Cincinelli Marco cultivates 45 hectares of vineyards. The leading variety is definitely Sangiovese, because the area’s soil and microclimate truly bring out its characteristics. The winemaker also cultivates international varieties such as Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot and local vines like Mammolo, Canaiolo and Foglia Tonda.
Although there are still some “historical” vineyards such as the Botti, the producer has, over time, renewed the older vineyards to improve both their structural characteristics, increasing the number of plants per hectare and using a structure that makes for correct ripening, and their genetic characteristics, choosing the best clones in order to guarantee that the raw materials that will be transformed are top quality.
The producer has always cultivated the land organically in order to preserve the natural biodiversity. For this reason, the vineyards have been planted with alternating olive groves, woods and thickets.

• Hectares of vineyards: 45
• Grapevines: Sangiovese, Mammolo, Syrah, Merlot, Canaiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ancillotta

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Azienda Agricola
Cincinelli Marco

Loc. Il Legato
52010 Capolona (AR)
mob. (+39) 335 6322162

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