Il Palazzo

Tenuta il Palazzo is located on the hills north-east of Arezzo. It is a thriving farm and agritourism. Today Il Palazzo looks like it did back in the late Middle Ages, with precious architecture and legendary traces of that period of time. Its origins are said to date back to the Etruscans, an ancient and proud people who inhabited these lands in the 7th century B.C.. However, the name “Il Palazzo” comes from the Romans, who conquered it. In the past, the farmhouse served as a “statio”, or military station along the Via del Sale (also known as Via Arminensis or Via Livia), which connected Rimini to Rome. The medieval village dominates the entire estate still today, where vines, olives and grains are cultivated.
Cultivation of the vineyards dates back to the early 1970s. High-quality grapes with the appellation DOCG Chianti and IGT are produced with modern cultivation techniques.

• Hectares of vineyards: 42
• Grapevines: San Giovese, Merlot, Syrah, Trebbiamo, Grechetto
• Other products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• Wine tastings
• Direct sales
• Olive Oil
• Accommodations
• Restaurant

Il Palazzo

Loc. Antria
Via del Moro, 6
52100 Arezzo (AR)
tel. (+39) 0575 361338

A selection of products

Chianti Riserva


Syrah Toscana IGT

Moro Rosso
Toscana IGT

Cum Sanguis
Toscana IGT

Sal Terrae
Toscana IGT

Toscana IGT

Toscana IGT

La Curia
Toscana IGT

Vin Santo del Chianti

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva
Toscano IGP

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