Migliarina Montozzi

The farm embraces the municipality of Bucine, where the Fattoria di Migliarina is located, and the municipality of Pergine Valdarno, where the Castello di Montozzi, residence of the owners since 1600, is located. The farm covers an area of 600 hectares. The vineyards registered for the Chianti appellation cover 28 hectares. Around Montozzi there are 27 hectares that are cultivated with olive groves, and no less than 250 hectares are arable land. The remaining part of the land consists of a forest and is a hunting reserve.
The vineyards are located at an average altitude of 270 metres. They benefit from excellent exposure to the sun, which contributes to the production of high quality grapes.

• Hectares of vineyards: 25
• Grapevines: Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino, Trebbiano, Malvasia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah
• Other products: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vinsanto del Chianti, Grappa

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Migliarina Montozzi

Località Migliarina, 84
52021 Bucine (AR)
tel. (+39) 055 9789029
e-mail: info@migliarina.it




A selection of products

Villa Migliarina
Chianti Superiore DOCG

Castello di Montozzi
Valdarno di Sopra DOC
Sangiovese Riserva

Villa Migliarina
Cavasonno Toscana IGT

Toscana IGT

Macerato Bianco
Toscana IGT

Rosé Toscana IGT

Vin Santo del Chianti
Riserva DOC

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