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Rock climbing on Pratomagno

From Ponte Buriano, following the Setteponti Road through Castiglion Fibocchi, you can reach Loro Ciuffenna. This is the ideal starting point to access the Pratomagno massif, which can be reached via trekking trails, mountain biking, or by climbing four routes that are challenging yet suitable for less experienced athletes: Falesia Le Tre Punte, Falesia Massa Nera, Falesia Le Tre Fonti, and the “Romana Nesi” via ferrata.


The Falesia Le Tre Punte, the first to be climbed by the men of these mountains, is now equipped and managed by the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) of Arezzo, and it offers around 40 routes. It can be reached from Valdarno by following the signs to Loro Ciuffenna and continuing towards Chiassaia-Anciolina and Monte Lori. This spectacular cliff is also the endpoint of the “Romana Nesi” via ferrata.

The Falesia Massa Nera offers 20 different routes ranging in difficulty from 4C to 7A, perfect for the enjoyment and adventure of more experienced sports enthusiasts. It can be reached from Valdarno by following the signs first to Reggello and then to Vallombrosa-Saltino.

The Falesia delle Tre Fonti is also known as the “new” cliff of Pratomagno or “La Trappola”. It is the most recent cliff in the valley, recently bolted, with its 7 routes. It is located in the locality of “Le Tre Fonti” and can be reached on foot in 30 minutes from the village of Trappola by following the signs to Le Tre Fonti.

The Ferrata “Romana Nesi” up to Croce del Pratomagno is a suitable excursion for everyone, including children. It’s a fun and enjoyable immersion in the greenery of this mountain. The marked route begins by crossing the village of Anciolina, famous for its breathtaking sunsets. You ascend until you reach the junction for Pratomagno and continue towards Talla. On the left, the wide path begins, climbing steeply.

Four routes to conquer the rock walls in the Tuscan Apennines. Breathe the pure mountain air, leave the city behind, and encounter deer and wild boars living undisturbed, the true masters of these mountains.