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Historical cycling events in the Arezzo area

Cycling back in time, riding a vintage bike on forgotten roads and paths. For a slow cycling experience, dedicated to lovers of the Tuscan landscapes to rediscover, amidst villages and wild nature. On two wheels with friends to live an unforgettable day in the open air, combining sport, good wine, and the unmistakable style of vintage cycling. More than just a historic bike race, more than a time trial, it’s a tour through the authentic beauties of Arezzo and its valleys. A leisurely journey to appreciate the richness and uniqueness of the Arezzo landscapes, where you can meet a community of passionate cyclists, lovers of vintage bikes and good company.

There are four historical cycling events in the Arezzo area: L’Ardita, L’Intrepida, La Chianina, and La Marzocchina. These events, with permanent routes active throughout the year, are designed to offer sports enthusiasts of all ages a true journey through time, filled with challenges and healthy adrenaline.

L’Ardita, the historical cycle race of Alpe di Poti for vintage bikes, offers three routes: Gourmet of 30 km, Classico of 50 km, and L’Ardita of 80 km, taking us on a discovery of the beauties of Arezzo and Alpe di Poti. Stage after stage, we will explore the historical places of the city of Arezzo: from Piazza Grande to the Duomo, and all the way to Piazza della Libertà with the Palazzo della Provincia and the Palazzo del Comune. Then, we’ll pass by Ponte Buriano, the mythical bridge of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, Castelluccio in Capolona, a typical medieval village on the right bank of the Arno River. We’ll continue to Giovi, Pieve a Sietina, Subbiano with its castles, and finally, Alpe di Poti, with its famous uphill time trial and a cheerful refreshment point.

L’Intrepida, a vintage cycle tour on the roads of the Battle of Anghiari in Valtiberina, is a non-competitive bike ride that has become a cult gathering for all enthusiasts of vintage cycling races. It takes place every year on the third weekend of October and offers three different routes: a short one of 42 km, a long one of 85 km, and an intrepid one of 120 km. These routes touch all the most important locations of the historic battle depicted by Leonardo Da Vinci, with refreshment stops at Ponte alla Piera, Castello di Galbino, Castello di Sorci, Felcino Nero, and Lippiano. And to top it all off, everyone can enjoy the traditional Bringoli all’Anghiarese, a mouthwatering local dish.

La Chianina, the historic cycling event of the Valdichiana Aretina, starts from Marciano della Chiana and takes us on the white roads to discover the most beautiful landscapes and views of the valley. Held on the third weekend of June, it offers two days of vintage cycling, with five routes designed for both novice and experienced cyclists. The Saturday prologue consists of a 35-kilometer route to start pedaling together, and on Sunday, participants can choose between three different itineraries: a short one of 45 kilometers, a medium one of 65 kilometers, and a long one of 105 kilometers. For children, there’s the “Garbato” route of 20 kilometers, a flat route designed for families to experience the joy of the historic cycling event together.

La Marzocchina, which returns every year on the second weekend of September, is a countryside outing among friends, riding old vintage bikes through the historic centers and beautiful countryside of the Valdarno. It offers three routes of varying lengths, from 42 to 107 kilometers, taking you through white roads and medieval villages for a day of laughter and the flavors of Valdarno’s traditional cuisine. Pedaling through the former Santa Barbara mine and the mining area of the Centrale di Cavriglia in San Giovanni Valdarno, you’ll discover lunar-like landscapes that are unique in Tuscany.