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A unique territory to explore

Four valleys surround the city of Arezzo, making it the perfect destination for nature and art lovers. In this land, the rich natural heritage blends harmoniously with the artistic one, offering unforgettable emotions and experiences whose only common denominator is beauty.

Arezzo territory and the Ponte Buriano and Penna Nature Reserve

Cycling, walking, horse riding, canoeing or rafting: there are many ways to experience the territory around Arezzo. Amidst hills covered with olive groves and vineyards, along the banks of the Arno, here nature is truly beautiful and allows experiences that would be unthinkable elsewhere.

Valdichiana and Etruscan routes

The valley is formed by a fertile plain, born from the reclamation of an ancient marshy area, and by gentle hills that surround it, on which there are splendid towns and ancient villages. Today, these villages, which have remained almost intact, represent a priceless heritage of art, history and beauty.

Valtiberina and Casentino between rivers and forests

Between the sources of the Arno and the Tiber valley, the rivers that have most recounted the history of Italy, you can travel through an area rich in splendid centuries-old forests and small villages that ooze history, fortified towns that were the scene of ancient battles, or places that gave birth to the greatest protagonists of Renaissance art and culture.

Valdarno and the Pratomagno massif

The Upper Valdarno is a wide natural basin over which the Arno River flows, closed to the northeast by the Pratomagno massif and bordered to the southwest by the Chianti Mountains. The landscape is very diverse: alpine and solitary on the high slopes of Pratomagno; rugged by picturesque clay erosion in the Balze area, at the foot of the same ridge.

A true renaissance to be experienced

Discover Arezzo and explore its territory enclosed between four green valleys and an elegant, lively city. Immerse yourself in nature, in places of silence and spirit, admiring the beauty of unique works of art, or seek out experiences where you can try out new skills and emotions.

A journey through time
between art and history

Between villages and towns, between parish churches and castles, the entire Arezzo area tells a long story that starts with the Etruscans and Romans, passes through the Middle Ages and arrives at the Renaissance, a period of maximum splendour and wealth.

Middle Ages and Renaissance in Arezzo and its Valleys

From the castles of Casentino, to the strongholds of Val di Chiana, to the fortified villages of Valtiberina. So many fascinating places, where the mystical Middle Ages of the parish churches and the bloody battles between Guelphs and Ghibellines gave way at a certain moment to humanistic thought. Thus began that cultural and philosophical renewal that later marked the Renaissance period and filled the land of Arezzo with new light, bringing the artistic and architectural masterpieces that we can still admire today.

The masterpieces of Piero della Francesca in his homeland

Piero della Francesca is considered one of the pivotal artists of the Italian Renaissance, one of the most influential figures of his time, both as a painter and as a mathematician. Today, few works by the artist from Sansepolcro remain. The largest nucleus can be found in the city of Arezzo and the Valtiberina, whose landscapes are often depicted in the masterpieces executed by this absolute genius of art of all times.

An enchanting nature to plunge into

Between the valleys of the Tiber and Arno rivers, you can get lost in the wooded landscapes of the National Park of the Casentino Forests, one of the most important in Italy, and then find yourself in places of the soul such as the Sanctuary of La Verna and the Hermitage of Camaldoli. An area rich in parks and reserves, splendid natural oases where nature is protected and cared for, incredible natural landscapes, places of peace and memory.

From the plains to the mountains, forests, rivers and lakes

Thick green forests and crystal-clear river waters: a varied territory with many parks and nature reserves to visit. Such as the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, the Sasso Simone and Alpe della Luna Reserves on the Apennine ridge, and the river reserves on the Arno. These are protected places that can be accessed in exchange for respect and care for the environment.

Camaldoli, La Verna and St Francis Ways

The entire land of Arezzo is enveloped in an aura of profound mysticism, which is inextricably linked to the figure of Saint Francis, who found refuge here and spent much of his existence. The most important place is the Sanctuary of La Verna in the Casentino forests, where the community of Benedictine monks of Camaldoli also live, amid solitude and prayer.

In Between Vineyards and Wineries

Arezzo and its valleys boast a millennia-old wine-making tradition that harmoniously blends with the beauty of the hilly landscapes. Wandering through the countryside of Arezzo, you come across vineyards and wineries that hold centuries of history and produce some of Italy’s most renowned wines. Whether you’re a fan of white or red, seeking a bold, full-bodied, or light wine, you’ll surely find your favorite.

From the hills of Arezzo to Valdichiana, from the Arno valleys to Valdambra

In the Arezzo area, the beauty of the landscape blends harmoniously with the authentic flavours of wine and extra virgin olive oil. You will see olive groves, which are particularly widespread in the hilly areas, and a wide variety of vineyards due to the different microclimates and soils. They unmistakably give shape to the surroundings of Arezzo and its four valleys.