Sparkling Arezzo… with its typical dishes !

by Thomas Taddeo

“Life is beautiful” in Arezzo thanks to the countless food and wine delicacies which enrich the cultural heritage of this city. Roberto Benigni will forgive us if we use the title of one of the most important movies in the history of Italian cinema, shot in this city, but while reading this article you will understand that we were not so wrong…

Life is beautiful in Arezzo because the typical culinary tradition  of these places is in tune with all  the local wine scene is able to offer and with time it is extending more and more internationally.

Life is beautiful if we think of the steak with anchovy sauce which manages to join the two valleys of the Valdichiana and Valdarno from where this sauce originates.  It is composed of  filleted salted anchovies, capers and extra virgin olive oil. The recommended pairing is  an excellent zero kilometer glass of Chianti Colli Aretini DOCG which can enhance a dish, and which will smell of this territory,  with its decided, fruity and dry flavours.

Fegatelli, mushrooms, chicken liver crostini, acquacotta, scottiglia, potato ravioli, roasted rabbit, porchetta from Monte san Savino, macaroni with duck sauce, turnip greens and sausages are just some of the dishes which have always accompanied the gastronomic tradition of this territory which hinges on these unique dishes to establish itself among most appreciated places by tourists from throughout the nation.

Bicchiere di vino

The wine, which accompanies the tradition and the territory of Arezzo, can boast a very wide range of producers and each one with its peculiarities can support the great pairing with our typical dishes.

The strong point is undoubtedly Sangiovese, a grape which has its roots in Arezzo and Tuscany and which has always found here its ideal place thanks to a  favorable microclimate for the cultivation of this variety. Its elegant drink and its excellent tannins balance the succulent and tasty dishes of the Arezzo area.

In addition to Sangiovese, Syrah is another popular variety which finds its ideal place in the area of Cortona and definitely one of the most appreciated wines of the territory. Syrah is one of the most consumed wines in the table in Arezzo thanks to its youthful soul and its spicy flavors.  It is excellently paired with meats and with meat sauce first courses.


Arezzo wines can be drunk from the aperitif to the dessert.  Indeed Tuscan Trebbiano, Viognier and Chardonnay populate the white berried hectares of the area and in very rare cases we can find them produced with Charmat or classic method. Today, it is no longer a taboo to make aperitif with  white wines or sparkling wines of the area; indeed it is something that even the NON LOCALS  began to prefer. Arriving at the dessert we can find the double version of Vin Santo DOC: one is  the traditional produced with Tuscan Trebbiano and Malvasia and the other version is the Occhio di Pernice, which includes a minimum of 50% of Sangiovese. They remind us at every sip that we are tasting a piece of history and culture with their legendary origins,

There are many typical dishes to be discovered and varied are the types of wines with which they can be matched, even for fun. Our is an invitation to experiment and not to stop in front of a plate or a glass of wine as if it were the most complicated thing in the world.  Their mission is only to remind you that life is beautiful and in Arezzo it is even more so…