Vasari-Museum House


Arezzo is the City of Vasari and his works include the Aqueduct that has supplied water to the city for ages and the Loggia that frames the Piazza Grande or main town square. Like these structures and the city of Arezzo itself, Vasari’s fame has survived through the centuries. His historic home, called Casa Vasari, was his place of refuge from frenetic trips between Rome and Florence. At Casa Vasari, you can feel the soul of the illustrious artist from Arezzo as he was in charge of the designs of the home’s interior and of the furnishings.

The house-museum was the master’s preferred place to relax and enjoy the good things in life. Its interior encourages today’s visitor to do the same. As you visit the museum on the main floor you will find rooms that were frescoed by the master himself.”

The Mannerist-style building is the home of the Museum of Casa Giorgio Vasari as well as the adjoining archive. The archive has, among other treasures, autographed letters and private correspondences by Michelangelo, Pope Pius V, Pope Cosimo I as part of its collection. These works are invaluable gifts that help us understand 16th century and Renaissance perspectives, directly from the voices that made important contributions to the history of Humanity. The writings also help us rediscover the human character of these Great Masters.

Vasari-Museum House

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