On arriving in Valenzano it is difficult not to be struck by this splendid castle, an imposing building richly adorned with towers, battlements and patrol walkways. 

Despite its romantic image, little remains of the original castle, whose history dates back to Medieval times, when it was most likely built by Longobard nobles, first as a watchtower and later as a fortified settlement. 

In the 13th century, the castle at first passed into the hands of the noble Arezzo family of the Ubertini and then became the property of the Tarlati, who proceeded to enlarge the fortress and build the second tower.

With their extinction, the castle passed into the hands of Count Ghino di Rondinelli who, generation after generation, maintained ownership for more than 400 years.

In 1885, Giovanangelo Bastogi, husband of Clementina Rondinelli, heiress and owner of the castle, began major renovations in the wake of the architectural trends of the period, slowly transforming the castle into the mansion we can see today, with its fairy-tale neo-Gothic style, from crenelated decorations to marble two-light-windows.

The present Valenzano Castle reproduces the romantic idea that people had of Medieval castles in the 19th century. Set in a beautiful panoramic position at an altitude of about 500 m, the building is organized around a paved inner courtyard where, incorporated into one of the two major sides, is the Chapel of Santa Maria a Valenzano, while on the opposite side opens a beautiful portico.

The castle currently hosts a restaurant and a historic hotel.


The Castle of Valenzano

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