The “Madonna del Parto” or the Pregnant Madonna


So human, so divine.

The Pregnant Madonna by Piero della Francesca is the most beautiful Renaissance Madonna ever painted.


A canopy, the Madonna and two angels. This composition seems simple at first glance, but it hides many secret messages. Piero della Francesca, a master of the Renaissance, produced this masterpiece that has fascinated the world for centuries.


In the middle of the scene stands the Madonna, protective and proud as she gently touches her belly with her hand.  It seems like an apparition, yet it’s alive and real in its freshness, a lovely young lady with slightly almond-shaped eyes.

Piero’s Madonna seems to shine with her own light, thanks to the unique beauty of her face that has no equal in the history of art. Her expression shows a perfect union between the spontaneity of a country maiden and the fixed gaze of a queen. In the half light of the gallery, the only thing that shines is the Madonna del Parto in the center of the scene. It gives you the impression that you’re going back to the past but, at the same time, you feel so close to the present, as if the years haven’t ever passed.

The “Madonna del Parto” or the Pregnant Madonna

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