The Wool Museum of Stia


A journey back in time to learn about the history of textiles made in the Casentino area

The town of Stia was once an industrial hub for the valley and there is an old wool mill in the town that was renovated, after years of abandonment, into the Wool Museum of Stia. The museum has interactive displays but it’s more than just a visit to a museum, it’s a journey through the history of the art of wool-making. The museum’s displays show how wool was used from the beginning of human civilization, to the Industrial Revolution and up to the Golden Age of the Wool Mill of Stia. 

The museum has information ranging from industrial archeology to the center of diffusion of the Casentino textile culture. The history of this valley is on display, together with machinery, yarn and handicrafts from different eras. The Wool Museum in Stia has space for creating things by hand, multi-sensorial displays and educational activities for children. The museum is entirely accessible for visitors with handicaps. 

In this place of ancient knowledge and industrial and local culture, a special section is dedicated to the beautiful “king of threads” of this valley – the iconic Casentino fabric.


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