The Theater of the Academy of Ricomposti


A jewel of 18th century Tuscan architecture in the heart of Anghiari

This theater has an interesting history behind it because of its role in transforming the social fabric of the town. The foundation of the theater was laid in the 18th century under the direction of the Corsi family from Anghiari who commissioned the Florentine architect Lorenzo Pozzolini. At the beginning of the 19th century, the structure was ceded to the Academy of Ricomposti, who remained the owners of the theater until the 1980s when it was purchased by the Municipality of Anghiari. 

The interior of the theater is a mass of stucco, wood and pastel colors of green, gold and antique pink. There are red armchairs and small balconies with wooden armchairs and stools. The theater is oval and has three tiers of box seats. Since the 1960s, the theater has undergone several renovations on its facade, the creation of a new entrance hall, a new projection room, new wiring, and the expansion of the number of seats to 570

Since 1995, the theater has been managed by the Anghiari “Teatro Stabile” Association which has successfully transformed it into a small renown theater on the national cultural scene. By hosting theater seasons, concert series, international projects and workshops with protagonists from Europe, the association has expanded the theater’s notoriety.

The Theater of the Academy of Ricomposti

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