The Montecchio Castle is one of the most evocative in Tuscany. It was a strategic observation point to control the ancient route between Arezzo and Cortona and the entire valley.

Depicted in some paintings by Beato Angelico, it still retains an imposing wall that extends for 263 meters with nine watchtowers.

The toponym Monticulus refers to the modest height of the hill on which the castle stands; the name Vesponi could instead derive from the noble Aretine family of the Guasconi, who owned it in the 11th century. In 1014 the fortified settlement was ceded by the Abbey of Farneta to the Marquises of Monte Santa Maria; later the castle became the subject of bitter disputes between Arezzo and Florence, which aimed to consolidate their influences on the territory.

Several times the backdrop of films and documentaries, the landscape of the Montecchio Vesponi Castle is a UNESCO candidate.

Località Montecchio Vesponi, 353, 52043 Castiglion fiorentino AR, Italia

The Montecchio Vesponi Castle

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