The MAEC – Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the city of Cortona


The Museum of the Etruscan Academy (MAEC) is located in the heart of Cortona and a visit here will help you follow the tracks of the Etruscans and Romans who once inhabited the town. The shouts of glory in this atmosphere full of ancient wisdom will be your silent traveling companions. They serve as echoes of an opulent past.

Casali Palace, also called the Pretorio Palace, in Piazza Signorelli square is the home of the MAEC. The treasures housed here include an ancient 18th century collection from the Etruscan Academy with the Etruscan chandelier, the Egyptian section, the historical library, the artwork of Gino Severini, and the most recent archaeological discoveries that add to the history of Cortona.

In the different galleries, the mysterious charm of the Etruscan people comes back to life to recount the history of this sumptuous land and the ancient traditions of goldsmiths and artisans.

Among the artwork on display, there are the universal masterpieces of the “Tabula Cortonensis” and the artifacts found in the Etruscan tombs of the Sodo Archaeological Park. 

The MAEC is more than just a museum, it’s a center of culture and research that helps you go back to the time when the Etruscans were the lords of Central Italy. They were a powerful people who shaped this land and yet still remain shrouded in an aura of mystery.

The MAEC – Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the city of Cortona

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