The Church of Saint Dominic


Church of Saint Dominic- The repository of the Christ on the Cross by Cimabue

The Church of Saint Dominic is located at the highest part of Arezzo and is one of its oldest basilicas. When you come through its entrance, you find yourself transported to the Middle Ages. Every detail of this church speaks of its past. This 13th century church has an asymmetrical facade and a bell tower with two bells from the 14th century. As you enter into the church, you can admire its central nave, the majestic wooden ceiling with trusses and its frescoed interior. The Church of Saint Dominic hosted the first conclave in the history of the Catholic church. One of the great masterpieces of art from the 13th century, the painted wooden Crucifix  by Cimabue, rests obscured by the darkness and silence of this church. It has remained here, undisturbed, for almost 800 years.

It is difficult to take your eyes off this work of art. Perhaps it’s because of the bright gold color, or because of the purple cloth that catches the eye, or perhaps because of the depiction of Christ who seems so human and so similar to us


The Church of Saint Dominic

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