The Cathedral of Cortona


The “Concathedrale of Santa Maria Assunta” is characterized by its Renaissance style and its medieval soul. It sits at the top of the panoramic terraces that dominate the hills of Cortona. 

Built on the remains of a pagan temple, close to the Etruscan walls, the Cathedral of Cortona is located in the historic center, right in front of the Diocesan Museum. The cathedral stands out because of its Romanesque facade, but inside it reveals its Renaissance charm.

The Cathedral has three naves with a barrel vault, remodelled in the 18th century, above the middle one. The “Madonna della Manna” and the painted terracotta “Madonna del Pianto” are very interesting works of art located here. The highlight here is the “Adoration of the Shepherds” by Pietro da Cortona. This precious piece of rare beauty helps create the intimate, mystical atmosphere of the cathedral.

The Cathedral of Cortona

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