The Basilica of Saint Margaret in Cortona


14th century spirit and 19th century style. This is the Basilica of Saint  Margaret, dedicated to the patron saint of Cortona who had ancient origins and whose destiny is linked with the history of the town.

The sanctuary sits on the top of Cortona’s hill and is dedicated to Saint Margaret, the patron saint of Cortona and the Franciscan Secular Order.

This church was begun on February 22, 1297 on the day of her death. It was erected next to the “San Basilio” church, which was restored by Saint Margaret, as a tribute and symbol to the figure.

This church is a place of peace, to think and slow down.  Beginning in the 14th century and for almost one hundred years after, the church was the recipient of gifts given by the people of Cortona. These gifts included frescoes and works of art and, as a result of all the generosity, the original architecture seems almost suffocated today. The church looks Baroque, with the exception of the rose window.

Inside the church, in a chapel, you can admire the marble funeral monument to Saint Margaret.

The church symbolizes the eternal celebration of the Saint, whose remains are stored in an urn above the high altar. Her remains are venerated by the faithful along with the wooden Crucifix from the 13th century, which is the one admired by Saint Margaret during her moments of prayer.

The Basilica of Saint Margaret in Cortona

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