The Ancient Mill in Loro Ciuffenna


The Mill in Loro Ciuffenna, the oldest water mill in Tuscany.

One of the last examples of old rural times that takes you back to the times of traditions and genuine arts.

This is the story of the Loro Ciuffenna mill, the oldest water mill in Tuscany which still functions today.  The water of the Ciuffenna stream has been running for centuries and still carves a path that ends up in the turbines of the old Ciuffenna mill. This mill is located on the slopes of the Pratomagno mountain in the province of Arezzo. For almost one thousand years, the same traditions have been followed here. The days turn into years and then into lifetimes. The days pass and stories take shape. The tradition of grinding wheat, corn and chestnuts into flour has lasted centuries and is still done today by the father and son team of master millers, Giuseppe and Fabrizio Parigi. Their three stone millstones work as well today as they did in the past. If you go to the heart of Loro Ciuffenna, you can meet the millers and see them at work in their ancient mill. It will be like immersing yourself in an old black and white film where hard work, dedication and sacrifice were all part of daily life in rural areas. This is the authentic imprint left by the artisans from Tuscany

The Ancient Mill in Loro Ciuffenna

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