Rondine is a medieval Tuscan village where young enemies come to learn how to live together. It’s a small town, halfway between Castiglion Fibocchi and the Buriano Bridge, in the heart of the Ponte Buriano and Penna Natural Reserve. A small Citadel of Peace is located in Rondine and while it may seem like a fairy tale, the place has been operating for twenty years. Here at the International Student House-World House, young people from countries that are in conflict live together. Using the Rondine Method, they work to find creative resolutions to their conflicts. They learn Italian and use it as the “language of peace” as they prepare to return to their country of origin as young peace leaders and with social projects that can make a difference. They become new golden swallows, ready to fly.

A visit to the Rondine Citadel of Peace helps you understand this organization that aims not only to reduce armed conflicts worldwide, but also to get to know the young people who come there and their stories. It’s a visit that will make an impact on you,  you won’t leave feeling indifferent. Rondine is not only a splendid medieval village along the Arno River, it is a place for the regeneration of mankind so that man becomes the leader of himself and of his community in search of the common good. The Rondine Citadel is a place for those who have the courage to discover things about the person who is their sworn enemy by having to experience daily life together. A visit to Rondine is an intense and authentic experience as you encounter people from different worlds and cultures. Here, anyone who has the courage to listen to others, to dream, and to hope that the world can change are welcome. 

Rondine Citadel of Peace