“Pieve” of Saint Pancrazio in Sestino


A treasure chest that reveals the history of this town in the heart of the Apennines

Sestino is a town located within the spectacular green hills of the Apennines, between Umbria, Marche and Emilia Romagn regions. In this mountain borderland, there is the Romanesque parish church or “Pieve” of Saint Pancrazio. This church was built on the ruins of a Roman temple dedicated to Apollo which had been built upon an ancient Roman curia. Today the church houses an evocative Byzantine crypt that has remained intact, despite the passage of time, and contains numerous medieval artifacts. 

Century after century, the “Pieve” of Saint Pancrazio in Sestino has been transformed in style and in architecture. The apse and the Roman marble cippus, dedicated to the “Genius curiae” from 375 A.D. are the only pieces that remain of the original parish church. 

In the silence of this mountain area, this church preserves true masterpieces of medieval and Renaissance art. You’ll be fascinated by the shimmering gold of the two crucifixes set on wooden panels in the style of Giotto and originating from the 14th century school in Rimini. There are numerous other paintings that embellish this sacred space. 

“Pieve” of Saint Pancrazio in Sestino

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