Piazza Grande


Everyone falls in love with Piazza Grande, or the main town square. It could be because of the Vasari Loggia, or because of the square’s unique trapezoid shape, or because of the medieval towers that frame it all arund. There isn’t one corner of the square that doesn’t reveal the history of Arezzo. The Corso Italia walk uphill  is worth the beauty that awaits you when you turn the corner to Via Seteria and see its small shops selling traditional food. The apse of the Pieve di Santa Maria Church appears in front of you as well as its Romanesque columns, each one different from the other. 

Piazza Grande resonates throughout the day when the astronomical clock on the Tower of the Palazzo di Fraternità strikes the hour. This ancient clock is still wound by hand, continuing a tradition that has lasted for more than five hundred years. The harmonies emanating from the House of Music fill the air and are accompanied by the arrangements played by talented young music students from the Classic High School. This school is called the Music School of Arezzo and it overlooks the main square from above the Vasari Loggia.

Piazza Grande is the spot for Arezzo’s most beloved events. The “Giostra del Saracino” or “Joust of the Saracen” takes place here and has its roots as far back as the Middle Ages. The Antiques Fair is also centered in this piazza. It is the oldest and largest antique fair in Italy. Since it began in 1968, this fair has helped transform Arezzo into the capital of antiques. 


Piazza Grande

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