Petrarch Theater


 Arezzo is a city of music and of the arts and the splendid Petrarch Theater always takes center stage. The theater hosts small events, concerts, theatrical productions and charity events. The Petrarch comes to life all year round with internationally renowned artists who perform for enthusiastic audiences. 

It has 85 box seats on four levels and can house up to 600 spectators. The Petrarch Theater is a pearl of 19th century architecture and its interior boasts a pastel-colored stucco ceiling with large chandeliers. 

The theater is a classic Italian horseshoe-shaped theater and all you have to do is close your eyes to imagine yourself going back in time to a masquerade ball or out for an evening at the theater. You can almost see the people dressed elegantly with feathers, fans and top hats.

The Petrarch Theater was born out of the great love of lyric opera by the people of Arezzo. A group of dignitaries met in 1828 to create the Academy of the Petrarch Theater and put together a plan to build a theater that could host the best opera companies of the time. This group entrusted the design of the large theater to the Florentine architect, Vittorio Bellini. The Petrarch Theater was recently restored and offers an enjoyable evening of live music, especially at sunset from the large foyer and terrace. 

Petrarch Theater

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