The Museum of Scales


The Museum of Scales: 600 years of the history of measuring the value of time

The Museum of Scales in the Palazzo Massi in Monterchi is a special place where a love of technology and collections give us a unique look at this European artisan tradition. Walking through the galleries of the museum you can see the items in the exhibition and also take a journey through time. This journey can start from the small Renaissance-style steelyards, carved from the swords of warriors, to the large industrial weighing machines of the previous century. It’s a journey for young and old alike, thanks to the creation of an educational, interactive tour that includes panels and instruments that help you discover more about the ancient crafts housed at the museum. By role playing, children can pretend to be such characters as the custom’s officer or the money changer, accompanied by the curious character of the “Staderino.”

The Museum of Scales

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