The MUMEC or Museum of Media


Museum of Media: the Museum that surprises you

The history of the communication media is on display thanks to the rare, antique and vintage pieces that make up the collection. 

The MUMEC or Museum of Media is just a stone’s throw from the Cathedral of Arezzo. It has a prestigious location within the Ricasoli Palace, sharing the palace with the Municipality of Arezzo, and houses a collection of about two thousand machines, tools and devices that recount the history of communication. 

This museum has everything that could interest any nerdy fans of technology through the ages, from devices related to cinema and photography, calculating machines, telephones, professional recording systems, documents, and vintage items. You’ll find something from every technological age, from the first cameras, the first microphones, the first video cameras and the last by not least, first home computer, an immortal Macintosh 128K

If you’ve never seen a real “Magic Lantern,” this is your opportunity to be enchanted by a machine straight out of the “New World.” The machine, a strange box-like instrument, was an old prototype of the cinema. It created unique “Optical Views,” made from images printed on paper and colored by hand. Using just a candle as backlighting, this machine produced images that delighted crowds in Venice throughout the 18th century.

The MUMEC or Museum of Media

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