Ivan Bruschi House Museum


Ivan Bruschi House Museum – Come see the treasures belonging to the genius who founded the Antique Fair of Arezzo 

The Ivan Bruschi House Museum is located in the heart of Arezzo, overlooking the Corso Italia road. This is a multifaceted museum and cultural space for music performances, shows and  events for the little ones. The museum is inside one of the most imposing buildings of the Middle Ages of Arezzo and houses a collection of artifacts and antiques acquired over the course of a lifetime by Ivan Bruschi. He was a scholar and collector of antiques who founded the Antiques Fair in Arezzo in 1968. The fair is the oldest and most beautiful in all of Italy. It brings the streets of the historic center to life on the first Sunday of every month and the preceding Saturday with antiques, art, vintage and designer items. The fair attracts thousands of exhibitors and antiques enthusiasts from all over the world. 

As you browse the museum’s galleries, you’ll take an exotic journey to different parts of the world and pass through numerous eras, stretching from prehistoric times to that of the Incas, through the Renaissance and up to modern times. Right next to this gallery on the upper floor is one of the most beautiful terraces in Arezzo.

On the rooftop terrace of the Ivan Bruschi House Museum, you can admire the Church of Saint Mary, also called the “Pieve,” from so close that it seems that you can almost touch it. Don’t pass up the chance to see a show on this terrace, especially in the summer at sunset when you can get lost in the beauty of the rooftops of Arezzo. 

Ivan Bruschi House Museum

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