I colori della Giostra


Fearless knights, ladies of eternal beauty, the sound of hoofbeats and ancient instruments:  travel through time and dive into the Medieval soul of Arezzo.  

Don’t miss to visit “I colori della Giostra”, the interactive museum dedicated to the Giostra del Saracino, a traditional knightly tournament that still today brings the city back to  the splendour of its most flourishing Middle Ages.

The Giostra del Saracino is held twice a year in the charming Piazza Grande in Arezzo.  The event has medieval origins and sees four quarters contending for the golden spear.  In modern times it has been disputed since 1931.

The exhibition “I colori della Giostra”, set up on the ground floor of the Town Hall, tells the story and shows the characters that make the historical re-enactment unique, through original clothes and objects, digital and interactive technologies, such as immersive projections and informative touch screens, virtual reality experiences and augmented reality.

You will also find a bookshop with official gadgets and merchandising. 

And you? What are you waiting to travel through time?

Tickets: full € 5,00 / reduced € 3,00

I colori della Giostra

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