The House Museum of Piero della Francesca


The only architectural work by Piero della Francesca is on display and explores the relationship between painting and mathematics by Piero, Luca Pacioli and Leonardo Da Vinci.

If you are in Sansepolcro you must visit the birthplace of Piero della Francesca, especially after stopping to admire his masterpieces at the Civic Museum.

The Birthplace Museum is a prestigious three story building and it’s the only one designed by the Renaissance master. Today the museum is the headquarters of the Piero della Francesca Foundation and has a small museum with interactive displays to guide the visitor.

The Birthplace Museum of Piero della Francesca has an interactive, multimedia exhibit that tells an extraordinary story and explains his relationship with Luca Pacioli. Based on the writings in Piero’s treatises, Luca Pacioli introduced him to mathematical models which would become fundamental for his pictorial technique of perspective.

Luca Pacioli, who worked in Milan with Leonardo, made the famous models representing those geometric proportions, such as the icosaedro with twenty sides.

On the upper floor there is a collection of copies of the jewels represented in Piero della Francesca’s work, which were drawn according to the rules of Renaissance geometric hierarchy.

Photo credits Franco Vannini

The House Museum of Piero della Francesca

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