Hermitage and Monastery of Camaldoli


The Monastic Complex of Camaldoli was founded over a thousand years ago by Saint Romualdo and consists of two distinct sites: the Sacred Hermitage and the Monastery. These represent the two fundamental dimensions of the Camaldolese monastic experience: spiritual retreat, in solitude and prayer, and communal life.

The Camaldolese monks live off their work and their  prayers. They have always been open to host guests at the “Foresteria” of the Monastery. You cannot miss a visit to the cloisters, the Ancient Pharmacy and the Galenic Laboratory. The Monastery Church is a real jewel of the baroque era and is dedicated to the Saints Donald and Ilariano. Here  you can admire wonderful works of art by Giorgio Vasari


Here, in a location called  “Fontebona,” you can spend a pleasant summer afternoon in the shade of old trees and try the famous “schiacciata” of Camaldoli, a kind of flatbread that will not disappoint. 


The Sacred Hermitage, instead, seems to be a place that defies time. It’s the oldest building in  the monastic complex, with its white houses, well-kept paths, its Church dedicated to the Transfiguration of Jesus and coffers by great masters such as the Crucifixion by Bronzino and the elegant altarpiece in glazed terracotta by Andrea della Robbia.


The peace within these places, immersed within the forest, presents a real panacea for the spirit and an ideal site to let go of your daily routine and re-energize. 

Hermitage and Monastery of Camaldoli

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