Church of Santo Stefano in Anghiari


Located along via della Battaglia, the small Church of Santo Stefano is a sacred building of very ancient origins (7th-8th centuries). It is an admirable example of early Medieval architecture with elements of Byzantine-Ravenna influence, still perfectly preserved.

The church has a Greek-cross plan graced inside by three apses and a square room at the entrance. The columns, dating back to Roman times, have elegant Ionic capitals, and worthy of note is a painting on board depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints by the Florentine artist Domenico di Michelino.

The sacred building probably arose in Longobard times at the behest of the monks of San Colombano, as a place of Catholic worship as opposed to another temple of Arian worship located nearby, but of which unfortunately no trace has been found.

Visiting the church of St. Stephen is like stopping time and being transported to a distant and evocative past.

Church of Santo Stefano in Anghiari

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