Castle of Poppi


The Conti Guidi Castle dominates and protects the Casentino valley 

The Poppi Castle is imposing and beautiful and has its origins in the 14th century. This giant has medieval charm and a heart of stone. It’s full of mysteries and acts as the guardian of masterpieces. Every stone inside this castle tells a story and reveals wonders.

The first glimpse of this Castle will leave you breathless. Its structure has a particular charm, and has enchanted even the great masters of the past, so much so that it served as the inspiration for the facade and the tower of “Palazzo Vecchio” in Florence.

The interior of the Poppi Castle welcomes you with a scenic staircase, a real jewel of renaissance architecture. Its 102 steps lead you through the Castle and up to the bell tower where there is a beautiful view of the surrounding valley.

The Riliana Library is wonderful, with 25000 ancient volumes donated by Fabrizio Rilli Orsini in the 19th century. Don’t miss the frescoed rooms, the dungeons of the castle, the lovely chapel decorated by Taddeo Gaddi and the room with the model recreating the battle of Campaldino.  This model shows formations of Guelph and Ghibelline troops in the moment right before the battle began. This was the same battle in which Dante Alighieri took part. He was later housed in the castle during his time in exile from Florence.

The dream atmosphere of this Castle will impress you and guide you on an unforgettable journey back in time to the Middle Ages. You can almost hear the sound of hooves on the stone pavements, the music played for dances in the frescoed halls and the voices of the Count thundering through the halls of the castle.

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