CasermArcheologica in Sansepolcro


The Place where utopias are possible

In the historic center of Sansepolcro, in Valtiberina, the Renaissance palace Palazzo Muglioni has recently been brought back to life. It’s now the location of the “CasermArcheologica,” a free space dedicated to contemporary artistic expression, exhibitions, live performances, entertainment, workshops and collaborative working.

Idealized as a hub of knowledge, this space has been reconstructed and salvaged from the ruins of time in order to look to the future and foster collaboration among the many different disciplines. The new house of contemporary art within the Valtiberina area is just a few steps from the Civic Museum of Sansepolcro and the House of Piero della Francesca.  This location has kept its charm and mystery but now gives something back to the city, to its visitors and to creative thinkers from all over the world. 


CasermArcheologica in Sansepolcro

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