Battle Museum of Anghiari


The only museum in the world that celebrates and tells the story of the lost masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci

The Battle Museum of Anghiari in the Valtiberina area.

The Battle Museum of Anghiari is located in the splendid setting of the Marzocco Palace. It houses Leonardo’s masterpiece and explains the history of the battle that forever changed the face of Tuscany. , On June 29, 1440 the historic battle between the Florentines and the Milanese was fought on the plains of Anghiari, just outside the town walls in the Tiber Valley. After six bloody hours of fighting, the Florentines managed to defeat their enemies who fled the area. This decisive victory was not just one of the many battles fought during the Renaissance, it was the defining battle that delineated the borders of Tuscany. These have remained the same since 1441. 

To celebrate this victory, the annual  “Palio”of the Victory takes place on June 29th in Anghiari. The festivities of this event bring together all the municipalities in Italy. 

A Masterpiece in 3D. The Marzocco Palace doesn’t only have models, weapons, armor and testimonies of the famous battle but it also houses the first archival center about the Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo da Vinci. It contains the largest digital system ever made and allows you to understand Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and has all the copies of the missing painting. You can observe in detail this work of art through digital files and through media using augmented reality

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