Badia Tedalda


Badia Tedalda, in the Upper Tiber Valley, is the main town of Alpe della Luna area, with its unspoiled nature, crystal-clear springs and ancient history to discover.

Badia Tedalda is considered a village of a thousand souls and is perched on top of some of the greenest mountains of the Valtiberina area. Badia Tedalda is made up of eleven hamlets that are scattered around an area that borders Tuscany, Marche and Emilia Romagna.

In Badia Tedalda, inside the Alpe della Luna woods, there are many water sources and springs. Nature is by far the real master of ceremonies here. The rivers Marecchia, Metauro and Foglia all spring and flow through the Romagna area and reach as far as the Adriatic Sea in Rimini, Fano and Pesaro.

The Alpe della Luna Visitor’s Center has educational and interactive exhibitions and acts as the main reference point for the promotion of the Natural Reserve of the Alpe della Luna and the Protected Area of Pratieghi nearby.

History and Culture. BadiaTedalda was already famous at the time of the Romans because of Via Ariminensis, a road that connected Arezzo to Rimini. In the early Middle Ages, Badia Tedalda experienced a period of great splendour, as evidenced by the many churches and abbeys that were built in the territory and the town’s treasure chest of splendid terracottas by Della Robbia.

In the 20th century during World War II, Badia Tedalda became the dramatic theater where several armed clashes took place. Today at the Gothic Line Park,  memories are preserved and commemorated along the paths and forts that are scattered in the forest.

Popular traditions. Badia Tedalda has always been a land full of mountain pastures where the Chianina cow is the queen of the meadows. The hamlet of Ponte Presale still hosts the Festival of the “Ranco,” which is the most important national cattle fair dedicated to this animal.

In the past, farmers and shepherds of Badia Tedalda were dedicated to the ancient practice of transhumance, or the movement of the cattle herd, from the mountains to the sea.


Their old route still exists today and crosses through Tuscany, from the Apennines towards the winter pastures of the Maremma. There are folk festivals and sporting events that celebrate this old tradition, such as the bicycling event called the “In Bicicletta sulle vie della Transumanza – La via dei Biozzi” which follow one of the old routes of transhumance.

Mountain flavours. The rural flavours of the past are passed down and preserved in the kitchens of Badia Tedalda. Everything here is still made by hand, just like it used to be.

In the houses, inns and farmhouses, pasta is still made by hand and goes perfectly with mushrooms, truffles, Chianina meat and cheeses from the local farms. Stop by for a visit to any of the day farms, where you can see hedges of blackberries, meet beekeepers, honey and get to know old “caciaie” or cheesemakers.


Badia Tedalda

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